"The details are not the details. They make the design."
- Charles Eames

Rennen Metrics

... is a manufacturer of carbon fiber and composite products headquartered in Chicago Illinois. We have a production presence across four facilities in the Midwest with further expansion being planned in America’s south. 

Our sales and distribution network is worldwide with our foundation company located in Brisbane Australia. A small and dedicated global dealer network is testament to the quality of our products. 

While primarily producing automotive products for owners of luxury sports cars, our portfolio includes architectural design, bespoke lifestyle products, motorsports and marine applications. 

Wherever there is a desire for beauty, light-weighting or strength, there is an application for carbon fiber. 

Welcome to Rennen Metrics


Dion Johnson 

Founder, CEO & Managing Partner  

Mission Statement

"Providing global sales, manufacturing and distribution solutions for complex composite products and high-end automotive electronics. Our focus is on superior products for the discerning buyer, building enduring client partnerships through total commitment."