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Carbon Fiber

... has been in regular use since the 1950’s however in recent years, its raw manufacture and production processes have simplified and reduced significantly in costs. This now makes its applications near endless and much more affordable to everyone.

Rennen Metrics utilizes this wonderful fabric in many ways, not least to beautify the interiors and exterior parts of some of the finest cars in the world.  The simplicity of a woven fabric combined with a blend of clear coats is mesmerizing. This once top secret material now has a home in everyday life.  

The Process

... of converting a sheet of material into functional three-dimensional products is very labor intensive  and technically difficult. Because of the complexity of the process, we employ a team of composite engineers to refine these processes to an acceptable cost point. With more than one way to achieve an outcome you can be assured our team will find the best and most cost-effective method. 

While many of our projects are confidential, or privately labelled, we do embark on products of our own brand. As our history is embedded in motorsport and beautiful vehicles, it should come as no surprise that a large number of our products are automotive in nature. Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Ferrari feature often as do Polaris Slingshot, Lamborghini and Ariel Atom. 


No request is too outrageous for us and no job is too big. Our team has decades of experience and has the passion to see any project through.

Email us your inquiry no matter how advanced in design. We are here to walk you through the entire process from concept to reality.

Email today for a confidential discussion. 

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