Composite Design & Manufacturing

Many of us have imagined what a particular component or feature would look like in carbon fiber. Until now few have realized that image and admired the finished result. Rennen Metrics can fulfill those imaginations. 

For years we have managed to transfer client visualizations into beautiful realities, be it within a luxury car, boat or home and we have immense pride in the achievements. 

Important to us is the relationship with our suppliers who often can provide that exceptional material design that enables some unique and exquisite ideas to come to fruition. A composite design of differing materials, Kevlar, Lignin, and other Aramids combined with traditional carbon fibers can produce outstanding products. Outstanding not only in appearance but in construction and often with superior engineered capabilities.

 Whether your interest lies in the pure beauty of a carbon product or its inherent strength and light weight is your focus, Rennen Metrics has the engineering authority and expertise to make it a reality.

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